Here at Brighter Tomorrows we have on staff a Counselor and a Clinical Psychologist.  Our counselors specialize in assisting victims of domestic violence and other related issues. Our counseling services are all free of charge and include the following:

Parenting Classes
Individual Counseling
Domestic Violence Counseling
Children/Adolescent Individual & Group Counseling

Our 12 week Domestic Violence Group and Parenting Group is for both mandated and non mandated individuals. 

For MANDATED Clients Please Note: Brighter Tomorrows Domestic Violence Program & Parenting Program are typically 12 weeks in duration. However, it is at the counselor's discretion to recommend to the mandating social service agency that the number of sessions be extended to reach the desired therapeutic goal. Also, although attendance requirements may have been fulfilled this does not necessarily guarentee a favorable recommendation regarding progress from the counselor.
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If you are a victim of domestic violence we can help!

24 Hour Hotline:631.395.1800

Counseling Services:
Domestic Violence Group Topics Covered:

-Why Do Women Stay in Abusive Relationships?
-Safety & Legal Concerns
-Effects of Domestic Violence on Children
-Domestic Violence & Chemical Dependency
-Decision Making
-Expectations for Healthy Relationships
-Feelings & Self-Esteem
-Setting Realistic Goals
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